Blue Yeti Nano – PCMag

Blue keeps churning out variations on a recipe it has come close to mastering: the USB microphone. The Yeti Nano, at $99.99, is a more affordable take on the company’s popular (and more expensive) Yeti mic. It differs in that it has fewer polar …Read more

Google Go can now read any website out loud – Engadget

Google Go, the tech giant’s search app optimized for emerging markets, can now read this article out loud. In fact, the company has updated its browser with the ability to read web pages in 28 different languages using a natural sounding voice that …Read more

Palmer Luckey Bashes Magic Leap as ‘Tragic Heap’ – PCMag

Magic Leap is facing some harsh criticism from Palmer Luckey, the inventor of the Oculus Rift, who published a scathing review of the augmented reality headset, deriding it as the “Tragic Heap.” “It does not deliver on almost any of the promises that …Read more

Dragon Quest XI is video game comfort food – The Verge

Video games are, almost universally, about repetition. Think about the number of times you’ve jumped on a goomba in Super Mario or hid inside a bush in Fortnite. With a few variations, playing a game means doing the same thing over and over. This isn’t …Read more